Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Experience of a Lifetime (2 of 2)

I finally was able to upload images to and can now post this ancient blog. I will be updating this entire week to get caught up with my travels.

Exhausted from the day before, I skipped out on breakfast and decided to sleep in a bit. Around 10am, we packed our bags and set out on yet another epic journey to the other side of the island. There were many small towns and beaches we stopped at along the way to look at the view or grab a bite to eat.

On the island, there are two major cities, Kos Town and Kardamena. We were staying in Kardamena but decided to visit Kos Town on Saturday. Although it took around 45 minutes to drive there, it was well worth it. The mopeds made it and enjoyable ride with an incredible view. When we entered Kos Town, we noticed some ruins off to the side of the road and decided to investigate.

We were very surprised to find an entire village filled with old ruins and mosaic tiles. It took us about an hour to explore the entire place, but well worth the time.

After our exploration of the ruins, we continued our journey through Kos Town and up into the mountains facing Turkey. It was by luck that we decided to pull over and take some photos when we saw some locals on a rock that rose up from the ocean.

At this point, we were extremely curious to see if they were going to jump off of the rock into the ocean. After watching them for about 3 minutes, the first person took the plunge! Before he even hit the water, we were halfway down the mountain chasing after them. We finally met up with them about 15 minutes later and asked if they could show us how to climb up. They kindly assisted us.

The photos and videos can depict the jump to a point, but when I was on top of the rock, facing out into the horizon, nothing can define that feeling.

So after our cliff jumping excursion, we decided to make our way to one of the islands most popular destinations, the village of Zia. It is settled in the midst of the only mountain range on the island which is home to some tourist shops and restaurants.

The one reason it attracts so many people is because it has an astounding view of the island, but more importantly, the sunset. It was an incredible experience to have a fabulous dinner while watching the sun slowly fade away into the Mediterranean. I don’t know many people who have had the opportunity to experience such an event, but words can't describe how privileged and fortunate enough it is to have been one of those few people.

Although it was our final night in Kos, myself along with Greg and Stefan were exhausted. We arrived back to the apartment around 11:00pm and decided to call it a night. The next day we woke up and had to return the mopeds and finish packing.

In this blog, I wanted to express my feelings through words, photos, and videos of my trip to Kos, Greece. It was truly a moving experience to say the least. I will never forget the opportunity I had and what I took part in during those four days. I'm sure I left out many details, but overall, I want it to be clear that the world is a big place. There are many different people that make up this world; good or bad, but I believe one reason we were put on this planet was to explore it and communicate with our natural environment across the globe. This trip opened up my eyes to what is out there and what makes up our livelihood. Meeting new people, enjoying my surroundings, and learning about the world I live in fulfilled my happiness to a great extent.

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